About me... about it all*

Standing in the way off... TA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA!


My favorite worst mistake it Must be really controller. Yeah ... I must admit I'm crazy about control. I do not like when things do not go as I expected. You know?

Nahh ... I think you can not imagine. It's like if I create myself many times and tried to provide thousands of situations ... yes, thousands ... situation because there are many millions of possibilities?

I? You? Feelings? Weather? The place? Shares? Others? The past? The lack of past? The context? The forces involved? And luck. Yes .. luck. Even in luck I think. And luckily I'm a very lucky person.

Sometimes I get so mad and controller, I begin to think I'm a very lucky person. HAHA ... That's right ... I'm lucky.

Can you believe that nobody I knew died? Yeah. Anyway. HAHA ... always lose my focus here.

Wow. I Luv this one!

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